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 About Astrid

  • Astrid is a fully registered teacher with over 30 years experience helping students to become more efficient and effective learners​

  • She established 3 Learning Centres and continued to be the Leader/Manager within these 3 secondary schools.  She is very familiar with the curriculum​


  • Regardless of the topic content, Astrid specialises in visual learning and 'The Process of Learning'

  • A wide range of learning abilities can benefit from Astrid's Learning Lessons.  Underachieving students, dyslexics, SLDs, academically able, will all benefit from personalised lessons 


  • Astrid developed trademarked and copyright tools and techniques including Essay Grids, Story Parts and Pattern Maps


  • These tools and many new developments are taught to students during individual one-on-one Learning Lessons  to help them to become more  efficient learners and to achieve better results.



The sky is the limit ....

when a good learner

Then you can fly

as free as a bird

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